Thursday, March 1, 2007

So long Pop-pop, (C.W. Smith)

My Pop-pop Clarence W. Smith passed away on Feb. 28 2007, he was 86 yrs old. He was really my closest father figure, and I looked up to him because of his success in life, business, and all the relationships he maintained. He was always doing something and there was never a dull moment, if it was up to him. Nothing is forever, but he definitely lived his life to the fullest.
Things I'll remember him by: The two-seater, CRC "white grease", Avalon, the shore house, the Flying Floozy, Dippin Don's, ABC Insert Co. "the plant", Golfing at Woody's, Whitemarsh CC, plaid golf pants, the Jeff cap, "BradFish", The toobie, Dippity Doo, "A little dap ill do ya", his Peugeot, the Kevlar Driver, my first set of clubs, the Hyundai, Al Jolsen, Julio Iglesias, and Frank Sinatra.

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