Friday, July 18, 2008

My Latest Project: Enterprise Content Mgmt (ECM)...whoopie doo!

My latest system integration project includes building an ECM solution for my latest client\employer, which will include a plethora of IT buzzwords, such as:
- Document Mgmt (DM)
- Records Mgmt (RM)
- Business Process Mgmt (BPM)
- Knowledge Mgmt (KM)
- Enterprise Integration Portal (EIP)
- Business Intelligence (BI)

The software vendor we chose to go with is OpenText, which is a fairly big player in the ECM market.
My first milestone is to become an expert with the product OpenText eDOCS DM , (formerly HummingBird DM) for which I will be whisked away to beautiful Ottawa next week to meet with the OpenText DM gurus. When I return the next stage is to devise a plan on how to possibly integrate DM into one of our many business lines. I foresee a lot of potential customizations will be needed to accommodate each of the groups that are within the dozen different business lines.
The exciting\challenging part of this endeavor is that I'll be exposed to a whole new set of technologies, which I don't typically use on a day-today basis; such are JSP,Tomcat, J2EE, AXIS and of course all the OpenText APIs, which look a bit overwhelming at first glance.
The cool part about this project is that if it's a screaming success, it could possibly impact the day-to-day life of over 200,000+ employees...someday. But honestly, you and I both know that won't happen anytime soon, because of how the corporate IT world works.
So, to sum up the alphabet soup, I will be working on a ECM solution, that will be made up of DM, RM, KM, BPM and EIP, all to just to attain BI across the enterprise.
Cool Beans! (anyone see the movie HotRod?)

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