Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Active Directory properties (LDAP user attributes)

As I promised in my previous post: howto retreive logged on users email from AD
Below is a list of all the Active Directory properties (LDAP user attributes)

Common Name CN=Guy Thomas. Actually, this LDAP attribute is made up from givenName joined to SN.

What you see in Active Directory Users and Computers. Not to be confused with displayName on the Users property sheet.

displayName = Guy Thomas

also distinguishedName DN is simply the most important LDAP attribute.

Firstname also called Christian name

Home Folder

name = Guy Thomas. same as CN.

Defines the Active Directory Schema category. For example, objectClass = Person

objectClass = User. Also used for
Computer, organizationalUnit, even container. Important top level container.

Office! on the user's General property sheet


name,must be unique in the domain. Can be confused with CN.

SN = Thomas. This would be referred to as
last name or surname.

Used to disable an account. A value of 514 disables the account, while 512 makes the account ready for logon.

userPrincipalName = guyt@CP.com Often abbreviated to UPN, and looks like an email address.

Country or Region

Company or organization name

Useful category to fill in and use for filtering

Home Phone number, (Lots more phone LDAPs)

(Lower case L) L = Location. City ( Maybe Office

Important, particularly for printers.

Boss, manager

Mobile Phone number

Usually, User, or Computer

Organizational unit

Zip or postal code

State, Province or County

First line of address

Office Phone

Exchange Specific LDAP attributes
An easy, but important attribute. A simple SMTP address is all that is required

Normally this is the same value as the sAMAccountName, but could be different if you wished. Needed for mail enabled contacts.

Another straightforward field, just the
value to:True

Exchange needs to know which server to deliver the mail.

As the name 'proxy' suggests, it is possible for one recipient to have more than one email address. Note the plural spelling of proxyAddresses.

SMTP:@ email address. Note that SMTP is case sensitive. All capitals means the default address.


jeet said...

hi Brad,
thanks for your post,
I need dynamic list of LDAP attributes in one of my C# app.
I heard something of LDAP browser that displays the LDAP attributes (AD fields).. but i dont know how???
please rescue...

thanks in advance,

Caio said...

Thank you very much for this complete list of attributes, printing them one per one isn't so useful when you have to complete every field in order to display it....bye

Anonymous said...

Great list! I know this is an old post, but there's a visual representation of User LDAP Attributes at :


There are a few posts there, each one breaks down a common tab within Active Directory for Users and Computers interface or the Outlook Address book (General tab, Etc)